Our nationally recognized coffee experts are available to lead corporate events and team-building exercises.

Email classes@fourbarrelcoffee.com to start the conversation.

We easily customize our workshops, so they can be:
-on-site at our roastery, or elsewhere;
-focused on education, or centered around experience;
-incorporating competitive elements, or mellow;
-built for two people, or twenty-five;
-thirty minutes short, or three hours long.

We have been designing and leading private coffee events for years. Email classes@fourbarrelcoffee.com right now to see what we can do for your crew!


Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Rachel Blumberg has thought about it.

"I think I would paint with my right hand, drum with my left hand, and both feet would keep time on the hi-hat and kick. Maybe I could drum with paint brushes?”

Her art will continue to grace Four Barrel bags for a few months, if we're lucky.

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