A flag flies in the roastery

November 26, 2018
A flag flies in the roastery

Maybe you’ve noticed there’s a new flag hanging in the café / roastery. A nice history of the flag itself appears... HERE.

We’re flying it to show support and welcome to all our patrons, friends, colleagues, partners, neighbors, and family. However you identify yourself, you are welcome here.
Speaking of the cafes... Do you know any baristas? We’ll bet you do. As we continue to open up avenues for leadership and collaboration, this is the perfect time to welcome a new colleague or two.

To apply for a job, please email...

Good Morning, Beautiful Coffee People. Monday, October 22 happens to be the last day to register to vote in California for next month’s election. To ensure that you’re registered at your current address in mere seconds, visit Rock the Vote HERE.

Monday, October 22 also happens to be our colleague appreciation day. The Mill, along with the Valencia Street café/roastery and the Four Barrel Portola neighborhood outpost, will close at 2pm on Monday, Oct. 22.

We’re going to take an afternoon off in Golden Gate Park to appreciate each other and our city.... read more...

Good Morning, Beautiful Coffee People. If you haven't already watched the debut of the great Samin Nosrat’s show, please join us at The Mill for a free medium-large screen viewing Thursday, Oct. 18.

Pizza Night (which is every night) will commence (as usual) at 6pm. Samin’s culinary travelogue, Salt Fat Acid Heat (based on her book of the same name) will show around 8pm.

You don’t have to pay anything to enter, or buy anything once you’re there; we just want to share something special with as many friends as possible. The trailer is on Netflix HERE.
...

Our nationally recognized coffee experts are available to lead corporate events and team-building exercises.

Email classes@fourbarrelcoffee.com to start the conversation.

We easily customize our workshops, so they can be:
-on-site at our roastery, or elsewhere;
-focused on education, or centered around experience;
-incorporating competitive elements, or mellow;
-built for two people, or twenty-five;
-thirty minutes short, or three hours long.

We have been designing and leading private coffee events for years. Email classes@fourbarrelcoffee.com right now to see what we can do for your crew!