Off the Clock: Brian Keeffe

August 20, 2015

None of us at Four Barrel has any idea what Brian Keeffe actually does. He shows up in the morning, then he gets some phone call or text. The next thing we know, he has grabbed some coffee and bicycled away. Judging from this video, it seems like his job involves making sure that people are happy. Some chefs want a certain kind of coffee to fit their cuisine. Some cafe owners want wholesale pricing on espresso machines. Some GMs want build-out advice. And some want help arranging trainings for their baristas. It seems like every body wants a piece of this guy. In the last part of the video, it looks like he has even gone to some nice lady's house to act as a positive male role model for her children. Is there anything Brian Keeffe won't do to keep a Four Barrel account happy? To chat with Brian or one of his pals, scroll to the top right corner, and keep clicking until you find "wholesale." Or just punch this link as hard as you can: