For years we dutifully raised them from their little speckled eggs to beautifully plumed adults. We built them bigger and better coops, we trimmed their feathers, fed them only the best feed and taught them everything we knew. Finally, our carrier pigeons were ready. Loyal Four Barrel Coffee fans would get up to date news on events, classes, parties and more - all at the flap of a wing. Then the unthinkable happened: Instagram was born. Suddenly our fans could follow us on an easily updated and oft-looked at format, complete with photos of dogs and silly videos and snarky comments. Our pigeons were sadly obsolete. We said goodbye to them one by one and sent them all to the place where pigeons are treated like kings: Mike Tyson's Las Vegas mansion. Seriously, look it up - the guy loves pigeons. Anyways, following us on Instagram is currently the best way to see what we're up to around here. Give us a follow over at