Good Morning, Beautiful Coffee People. If you haven't already watched the debut of the great Samin Nosrat’s show, please join us at The Mill for a free medium-large screen viewing Thursday, Oct. 18.

Pizza Night (which is every night) will commence (as usual) at 6pm. Samin’s culinary travelogue, Salt Fat Acid Heat (based on her book of the same name) will show around 8pm.

You don’t have to pay anything to enter, or buy anything once you’re there; we just want to share something special with as many friends as possible. The trailer is on Netflix HERE.
If you’d rather sit in the corner with your hot cup of coffee and read letters that came in the mail, that's cool too. In fact, consider subscribing to the great Rumpus letter-in-the-mail program HERE.
No matter what, please remember that depression and alienation are twin allies of creeping totalitarianism and general bummer-ness. So take care of yourself. If you need any coffee-related help, email We write back.
Finally, a word about coffee. The Honduras Yojoa will be gone in a couple of weeks. It’s been a great coffee, with syrupy grape sweetness; but it’s gotta go. We thought you should know. More words and photos are HERE.

Have a great week, graced by warm beverages,
jodi & tal