A Little Weekend Release

November 1, 2016

Hey folks, welcome to the august month of August!* Did you know that the original Latin name for August was Sextilis? We didn’t either, but now we’re kind of mad that we know – this could have been the sexiest blog post we've ever put up. **

Anyways, we’re happy to announce a new mini, tiny, wee little release of five new coffees today. Two new Kenyans, an Ethiopian, a Rwandan decaf and a new single origin espresso***, all ready for your little hands to brew up and you tongue to taste.**** Order these babies online or stop by any one of our three locations and pick up a bag.



Ethiopia Hunda Oli

Location: Agaro, Oromio

Elevation: 1,900-2,200 meters

The sugar cube tasted normal, like sugar. Then it seemed like flowers were everywhere, and their fragrance suffused the world. Bergamot oil dripped into grape juice puddles from marshmallow skies.


Kenya Gura

Location: Nyeri

Elevation: 1,220-1752 meters
Strawberry Shortcake is the protagonist, and Blueberry Muffin is her best friend. Plum Puddin’ is the smart one who wears glasses and who transitioned to female in 1984.
The pet dog Brown Sugar Woofer is sold separately, or included in this coffee.

Kenya Sawa Sawa

Location: Nyeri

Elevation: 1,850 meters

Not everyone can pull off a lime double-breasted suit, worn with grapefruit socks and a kumquat dress shirt worn open-collared. It might help that the suit is tailored with excellent structure, and Sawa Sawa always brings sparkling wine.

 Decaf Rwanda Tumba

Location: Rulindo, Northern Province

Elevation: 1,900-2,200 meters

Method: Swiss Water Process Decaf

This is a Sunday matinee, with smuggled homemade black cherry cola and overpriced-but-awesome black licorice. Little brothers in the front row lick raspberry fruit leather while the big kids in the back row swap strawberry chapstick.


Ethiopia Goljo Espresso

Location: East Wollega

Elevation:1,750 - 1,850 meters

Floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves. Bergamot and lavender in the dusky air. A family crest with knotted elderflower & chrysanthemum. Golden raspberries on a silver tray.







*Isn’t the English language fun?

** It still might be.

*** All walk into a bar.

**** Unless, like a paranoid king, you have a Royal Taster. Then they can taste it.