Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Alice J Blaschke doesn't need to see things that don't exist.

Oregon artist Alice Jane Blaschke (née Marshall) illustrated the latest trio of Four Barrel bags. So we wrote to her on her web site… and she wrote back! Here’s what she said about art, nature, goodness, and coffee:

“I am forever practicing how to draw real things in nature as anatomically accurate as possible so the drawings can be an homage to the mind-blowing natural world. There's no need to make anything up.”

What about a giant, truck-sized orange spider that is also a barista, so at the same time that it’s crawling around it can also make like three pour-over coffees?

“I don't want or need to see things that don't exist; real-life animals, insects, flowers, humans are way cooler than anything imagined.”

Sort of like that black-capped chickadee on the cover of the Colombia Andino, and the canine skulls on the Kenya Githiru label?

“The plants, birds, animals, and insects in any place I live are my primary subjects and when I move somewhere I spend a lot of time getting to know them; admittedly maybe more them than the people.

“So if I can do that, then I can get creative or interpretive or narrative with how to combine them.”

You have done about a thousand exhibits, even though your art itself is super detailed and painstaking. How do you do it?

“I'm consistently motivated to be productive. I often tell myself to be in a "yes" mode, and that seems to be pretty effective when it comes to seeking and finding opportunities for shows and murals.”

There’s gotta be more to it than that. What’s your secret?

“I think it's always a good suggestion to be patient, kind, forgiving, and compassionate. More and more every day.” 

We figured you’d say something wise like that. Is there anything you’re NOT good at?

“I may drink too much coffee. The blacker the better, all day long.”

Alice Jane Blaschke (née Marshall) tattoos her friends, creates everything from 11” drawings to wall-sized murals, and sometimes says yes to queries directed to her website HERE.

(photo courtesy alice j blaschke)