Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Julianna Bright doesn't want to be a ***k

We really wanted to talk to Julianna Bright about her art for the fancy new coffee bags, so we called her. We used a telephone. Here’s what she said:

“The seed for a lot of that style came from reencountering children’s illustrated books. I got a sense memory of being pre-literate. I remembered being a child, looking at pictures, and trying to figure out what they were about.”

That’s sort of why we called. Because we don’t know what those artworks are about. Like there’s sort of a rabbit-man in one of them, and maybe some bird-deer-people in another one.

“I don’t usually have a narrative in mind, but I’m trying to tap into that blank space that is the very first time you look at something.”

We like that Taylor Swift song about blank space.

“What I’m going for is a feeling, a feeling that you’re uncovering something, like an old book, or an old story. It’s fun to rediscover ancient paintings, and realize that these half-human, half-animal beings have occupied human imaginations for a long time. I’m tapping into a deep vein that goes beyond my personal experience.”

So, did that thing with the rabbit-man happen to you? Or are you the rabbit-man? Or what?

“I don’t want to be a ***k and say, "Well what does it mean to you?" But I think once the art goes out in the world, it’s on its own.” 

Julianna Bright and her all-human family live in Oregon. Their rock band for adults The Golden Bears has released a couple of records, including “Write It Like You Find it.” Ms. Bright’s music project for kids & parents, Cat Doorman, continues to release music for humans and chimera of all ages.

Her art will continue to grace Four Barrel bags for a few weeks, at least, if we’re lucky.