Good Morning, Beautiful Coffee People. Monday, October 22 happens to be the last day to register to vote in California for next month’s election. To ensure that you’re registered at your current address in mere seconds, visit Rock the Vote HERE.

Monday, October 22 also happens to be our colleague appreciation day. The Mill, along with the Valencia Street café/roastery and the Four Barrel Portola neighborhood outpost, will close at 2pm on Monday, Oct. 22.

We’re going to take an afternoon off in Golden Gate Park to appreciate each other and our city. If you happen to run across us, please stop and say hi. We aren’t sure exactly which section of the park we’ll settle in, but we like the bits that appear as Sherwood Forest in 1938’s Adventures of Robin Hood, HERE.

Barista Socks from New Zealand may be the luxury gift of the decade. If you know of any merchandise ideas Four Barrel could get on our shelves by Thanksgiving, please give us a shout. (Oh, and the barista socks are HERE.

The Four Barrel Coffee roastery behind the Valencia Street café continues to host free public cuppings most weekends, from 12:30-1:30pm. If you’ve never tasted coffee with Ryan or Sarah Jane, we heartily recommend that you prepare for a slightly surreal sensory experience. A completely gratuitous photo of Ryan is HERE.

Even if you don’t have a merch idea for us, we’ll be here, at We write back.

Finally, a quick word about coffee: We’re now running low on a second Central American stunner of 2018, Nicaragua el Puma. A few of us here still remember the first time(s) we tasted . We have enough of this unusually tropical selection from the eco-forward el Puma farm for one or two weeks.  Know someone who likes cream in their coffee? The perfect beans are available HERE.

Have a great day, graced by warm beverages,

jodi and tal