Since we opened in 2008, we’ve received numerous inquiries from potential investors such as yourself. Our response has always been the same: Just leave the cash in an envelope on the bed stand, as usual.

But as of today, all that has changed. Yes, here's your chance to turn millions in real estate into a break-even proposition—no questions asked!

You don’t have to pull that shoebox full of twenties out of the closet. You don’t have to default on your student loans. You don’t even have to bundle your home, car, and internet. All you have to do is… keep enjoying your coffee.

You’re providing health insurance for a crew of really, really, kind and talented baristas and slightly grumpy but incredibly talented roasters. You’re paying the cities of San Francisco and Oakland goodness-knows-what in fees, fines, and a maximum of two parking tickets per year per delivery driver.

(This parking ticket policy is under potential review by our corporate board. As soon as we get a corporate board, we’re going to review all kinds of stuff.)

So please, invest in Four Barrel. Get your uncle a set of goofy mugs or bandanas. Buy your roommates a grinder. Order a bag of coffee.
Or just come into the café and be yourself.
Maybe pick up a $2 Four Barrel logo click pen.
Because you can’t spell independence without pens.

(What we're trying to say, is thank you.)