We’ve listened, and we’re getting set up for real change.

The things that can be done quickly, we’ve done. We’ve instituted external HR. We’re covering all co-pays for co-worker counseling through Kaiser -- no questions asked.

We also heard that most believe our original name, Four Barrel, is worth keeping. So we’re sticking with it. And to those of you who have stuck with us—thank you. We cherish you.

This company looks very different today than it did three weeks ago. We’re giving our all to save it. Until Four Barrel is stabilized and debt-free, our opportunities for equity sharing and other progressive business models are limited at best.

To summarize: A company based on employee equity remains our goal and we’re looking at various models for how to accomplish that. But we first have to right the ship, so that we have a company worth sharing. In the meantime, we’ve added external HR and free counseling to an employee package that still includes industry-leading health insurance and wages.

We don’t have more solid details or a timeline yet. Please check back here for updates, and always feel free to give us a call.