Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Rachel Blumberg has thought about it.

We really wanted to ask her some questions about whatever she was thinking about, so we used her web site. She wrote back! Here’s what she said:

“I keep a lot of different mediums on my desk, so they are in reach. I just grabbed whatever seemed like the right thing to use in that moment. “ 

We like the turtle on the Peru Fredy Bermeo bag. 

“Thank you! My turtle is part of a series of illustrations I made about how humans civilization rides on the back of and needs nature, and nature helps us, but we in turn don't respect that.”

Speaking of birds, why don't you ever paint and play drums at the same time?

“Ha! I've thought about it. I think I would paint with my right hand, drum with my left hand, and both feet would keep time on the hi-hat and kick. Maybe I could drum with paint brushes?”

You’re clearly multi-disciplinary. How do you stay disciplined?

“I am a good list maker, so there's that.”

So, it wasn’t your plan all along to put that bearded fellow on a bag of coffee?

“I drink coffee all the time when I paint. There is always a cup of coffee on my drawing table. I use an AeroPress or French press to make it.

"A reproduction on a coffee bag is very small and makes you think the whole object is a work of art - label, bag, coffee and all, and it is, isn't it—all the hands of people that go into making the thing?”

Rachel Blumberg dwells in Rhode Island when she isn't touring the world playing drums, opening art shows, or presenting her multi-media experiences as Arch Cape

Her art will continue to grace Four Barrel bags, like Kenya Kamoini, for a few months, if we're lucky.