First off, New Coffees: We have three of them for you, from Rwanda and Nicaragua. We'll give you one sentence on each to whet your appetites. For the full 220-word (that's one minute reading for the average college graduate) description of each, follow the links!

Second, More Good News: These three new coffees will appear before you lovingly ensconced within our classic black bags, with label art by the artists of Oakland's own Creative Growth Art Center.

Nicaragua el Puma: Maragogype and Maracaturra feature in this big-bean collection, redolent of tropical sweetness, from the Jinotega highlands. 

Rwanda Muhororo: Processing advances instituted by the co-owners (pictured below), including a luxurious drying period of 15-20 days on raised beds, help Red Bourbon’s fig-and-apple florality shine through. 

Rwanda Musabiymana: Justin Musabiymana assembled this lot of peak-picked heavy and dense Bourbon varieties evoking raspberry & strawberry jam.

We're very happy to work with these producers--from Rwanda to Nicaragua to Oakland to right here in San Francisco's Mission District. Please swing by our mothershop roastery on Valencia Street. And if you see us slurping and sipping away in the back, feel free to ask to jump in, and join the fun.

It is spring, after all.