thank you.

March 27, 2020
hi everyone,
we just wanted to write a little note of thanks for all of the support--we are so grateful for all of the ways we have seen our community come together. thank you for the donations to the employee relief fund, thank you for purchasing gift cards and subscriptions and thank you for coming in for coffee. we couldn't do any of this without our dedicated employees and our steadfast customers. thank you with all our hearts.
we are roasting and shipping on our regular schedule and fourbarrelĀ valencia and the mill are open daily from 8-2. we have whole beans, coffee drinks, fresh josey baker bread, some pastries and some pantry items. we're serving take-out style through our front door and we're asking that customers please be mindful of the social distancing 6 ft. rule in line. we appreciate your patience and understanding while we make your lattes.
we'll keep you posted here as things evolve. we're in this together, and so grateful that we are.
four barrel