Can It, Cold

January 14, 2019

cans on blackIt's brewed hot, then immediately cooled and coolly captured. In a can. We hinted at our secret system back in 2017.

Now it's here.  

If you live in the Bay Area, maybe you’ve already tasted Four Barrel Cold Coffee from a keg. So we won’t bother with the sales pitch… except to emphasize that this is not cold brew.

So it's not cold brew, but it is cold coffee. And unlike other canned flash brews, these are single-source cans, emphasizing and crediting the co-ops and... read more...

Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Alice J Blaschke doesn't need to see things that don't exist

Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Alice J Blaschke doesn't need to see things that don't exist.

Oregon artist Alice Jane Blaschke (née Marshall) illustrated the latest trio of Four Barrel bags. So we wrote to her on her web site… and she wrote back! Here’s what she said about art, nature, goodness, and coffee:

“I am forever practicing how to draw real things in nature as anatomically accurate as possible so the drawings can be an homage to the mind-blowing natural world. There's no need to make anything up.”

What about a giant, truck-sized orange spider that is also a barista, so... read more...

A flag flies in the roastery

November 26, 2018
A flag flies in the roastery

Maybe you’ve noticed there’s a new flag hanging in the café / roastery. A nice history of the flag itself appears... HERE.

We’re flying it to show support and welcome to all our patrons, friends, colleagues, partners, neighbors, and family. However you identify yourself, you are welcome here.
Speaking of the cafes... Do you know any baristas? We’ll bet you do. As we continue to open up avenues for leadership and collaboration, this is the perfect time to welcome a new colleague or two.

To apply for a job, please email...

Good News from El Salvador: introducing La Selecta

We first encountered Alejandro Valiente and his knack for coffee in 2011, in the Metapán highlands. Instead of just trying to sell us his coffee, he seemed to be interviewing us--gauging how much we really cared about his region’s indigenous communities and diverse ecology.

After a few years working together, we began La Selecta. Alejandro advises agricultural workers throughout Central America on the rewards and challenges of specialty coffee. He follows up by ensuring that Four Barrel payments always make it that last step into growers' hands.

With Alejandro traveling from farm to farm, Four Barrel now includes a local expert whose... read more...

Our nationally recognized coffee experts are available to lead corporate events and team-building exercises.

Email to start the conversation.

We easily customize our workshops, so they can be:
-on-site at our roastery, or elsewhere;
-focused on education, or centered around experience;
-incorporating competitive elements, or mellow;
-built for two people, or twenty-five;
-thirty minutes short, or three hours long.

We have been designing and leading private coffee events for years. Email right now to see what we can do for your crew!