Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Julianna Bright doesn't want to be a ***k

Four Barrel Coffee featured artist Julianna Bright doesn't want to be a ***k

We really wanted to talk to Julianna Bright about her art for the fancy new coffee bags, so we called her. We used a telephone. Here’s what she said:

“The seed for a lot of that style came from reencountering children’s illustrated books. I got a sense memory of being pre-literate. I remembered being a child, looking at pictures, and trying to figure out what they were about.”

That’s sort of why we called. Because we don’t know what those artworks are... read more...

Can you keep a cold coffee secret sealed in a keg?

Neither can we. Here’s the deal: The incredible new ice-cold kegs of not-cold-brew coffee that we’ve been trying to perfect for, oh, maybe forever (but who’s counting) are finally ready.

We serve it at The Mill, as well as Four Barrel in the Mission District, and SF's Portola neighborhood. Some of our friends around the Bay Area are also bringing in our kegs this week. Soon we'll offer kegs up north in Portland and down south in LA.  

When we say #notcoldbrew, what we mean is that we extract this coffee hot, at a temperature that makes scientific good sense. Then we immediately cool it way down without the intrusion of oxygen and other funky stuff. We're using only sweet and seasonal fully washed high-elevation Arabica coffees from East Africa for all of our bright, crisp, and clean offerings.

When we say offerings, what we mean is that we’re offering three different kinds of kegs:

LIMELIGHT: A light-roasted, bright & floral, fresh & fruity offering (currently Kenya Sawa Sawa)
HOUDINI: A body-driven, sweet & syrupy result of dark arts, science, & magic (currently Ethiopia Qorema)
NITRO: All that sweetness, infused with the creamy lusciousness of nitrogen.

When we say Nitro, we say it with a deep and whispering voice, pretending that we’re bad guys in Fast & Furious Part Twelve, and “Nitro” is the name of our custom motorcycle-tank-rocket.

And if you know someone who would like a couple kegs delivered to their cafe, restaurant, bar, or office, please have them zap us an email right now to this very real email address that we honestly check every day:

Your Secret Keepers,


Kings of the Mountain: Notes from El Salvador

The farmer, Sebastian Solis, ambled into the goat pen. Taking a moment to adjust his straw hat against the bright El Salvadoran sun, he half-knelt next to the enormous brown and white speckled goat, tucked the goat’s right-hind leg into the crook of his tall knee, and braced his left shoulder against the animal's body. The goat’s rosy udder was engorged with milk, like an over-full balloon. Looking at it made me feel uncomfortable. Solis reached down, took hold of one of the goat's bloated teats, and firmly pulled down toward the plastic cup he held underneath.

...