Yesterday This Milk Was Nuts

We're now, as of autumn 2017, pouring Moose Juice nut milk in our cafe. Here are the ingredients: 

raw almonds, raw cashews, spring water, real vanilla, sea salt, coconut nectar.


Not only is it all natural and simple and additive-free, but it’s delicious and steams like a dream. A dream-steamer.

To all of our dairy-sensitive or lactose intolerant friends out there, please stop in and give it a try.


Kings of the Mountain: Notes from El Salvador

The farmer, Sebastian Solis, ambled into the goat pen. Taking a moment to adjust his straw hat against the bright El Salvadoran sun, he half-knelt next to the enormous brown and white speckled goat, tucked the goat’s right-hind leg into the crook of his tall knee, and braced his left shoulder against the animal's body. The goat’s rosy udder was engorged with milk, like an over-full balloon. Looking at it made me feel uncomfortable. Solis reached down, took hold of one of the goat's bloated teats, and firmly pulled down toward the plastic cup he held underneath. The... read more...