Coffee Colombia Finca el Meson

chrysanthemum tea, plums, brown butter

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Five years ago, Luz Divia Fierro and her husband, Elpidio, had an idea to plant Pink Bourbon coffee trees next to the yucca, plantains and sugar cane that they grow on the farm that they inherited from Elpidio's father, Angel. While they are the younger generation of coffee farmers in southern Huila, Luz Divia and Elpidio both grew up in coffee producing municipalities in Colombia and both had firm ideas around treating workers well and producing high quality coffees. And from these first harvests of their Pink Bourbon, we can tell you that they're onto something.

Their meticulous picking and careful processing of this variety has resulted in one of the most dynamic, complex and exciting coffees from Colombia that we've had on our menu: chrysanthemum tea, plum, mango, dried apricot, browned butter with an elegant, integrated structure. We look forward to many more harvest from Luz Divia and Elpidio and the Pink Bourbon from El Meson.

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