Coffee El Salvador Anarquia Microlot - Typica

In the confluence of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras known as the Trifinio, Alejandro Valiente carefully tends 800 typica plants, encouraging them to express their sweet lime, kumquat and blackberry notes, while generously structuring layers of grapefruit acidity and delicate florality.

Location Metapán
Elevation 1600-1700 meters
Variety Typica
Price / Bag Regular price $28.00

Legendary coffee farmer and dedicated Four Barrel employee, Alejandro Valiente, has a hand-hewn pine cabin up in the Montecristo mountains of El Salvador. From his porch, you can watch the birds fly north across the Guatemalan border, or east into Honduras, across wild, lush forests protected by national parks and biological reserves. For his part, Alejandro has carefully cultivated his slice of the Trifinio with 800 meticulously tended Typica plants that he can almost prune from his front door; he calls his plot "Anarquia" with a nod to the rugged and untamed mountains surrounding him. The volcanic soil, elevation and diversity of life in the Trifinio have always made for exceptional coffees that we have sought out over the years, so when we visited Alejandro's cabin and saw what he was creating, we had a hunch that we were going to be blown away. The coffee that arrived in San Francisco recently charmed us with its sweet lime, kumquats and blackberries, while causing a little bit of a ruckus with its layers of grapefruit acidity and ridiculous florality. We couldn't help but feel that Alejandro had aptly named his slice of paradise and we look forward to more of the ruckus.

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