Coffee El Salvador la Hondurita Bourbon

Inside the plum was a cherry. Inside the cherry was a kumquat. Inside the kumquat was the seed of a magic chrysanthemum.

Location Chalatenango
Elevation 1500 meters
Variety bourbon
Price / 12oz. Regular price $20.50

Second-generation farm-holder “Fito” Montiel has big ambitions for his little farm. Fito imagines a day when Finca la Hondurita is known throughout the specialty coffee world. We’re glad to say that we knew him when... and by “when,” we mean: now.

Here’s what’s happening now. Fito takes a hand in every element of his coffee. He personally oversees picking, sorting, and milling, and he ensures that depulping and washing occur immediately.

“Hondurita” is not only the name of the farm. It’s also the on-site mini-mill--where he personally directs fermentation and sun-drying.

“Hondurita” is also the name of the 19-acre private nature reserve that Fito established in the unfarmed mountainside. That’s great news for the toucans and other local birdlife, as well as the insanely cute white-nosed coati that scamper around.

So Fito is well on his way to making Hondurita a big name. Not bad for a guy who is still working the land he was born on. And it’s a great step forward for his community of growers and farm-workers in Chalatenango... yet another name that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of, real soon.

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