Coffee Kenya Sawa Sawa

Step Up 7: Street Sawa brings the franchise’s trademark bright acidity and clean red fruit to the tale of a tough coffee in a notorious dance academy.

Location Nyeri
Elevation 1850 meters
Variety SL28
Price / 12oz. Regular price $24.00

When we met Samuel Babu Kimani’s family four years ago, we couldn’t believe our good luck. Here was an intellectually vigorus yet genuinely kind young family, dedicated to carving their own way. And the coffee? One of a kind.

Only two years into our relationship, Samuel passed away. Through their grieving, his young family carried on with their shared dream of a small, family-run farm and mill for exceptional coffees.

We may be separated by an ocean, and by sometimes-squabbling governments; nonetheless, we’re part of the same project. Producers like the Kimani family are a big part of why we at Four Barrel do what we do.

So we had personal reasons for visiting Ms. Kimani last year. We also had business to do. First, we ensured she got included in all our talks with her exporter. She has the right to know what we’re paying her exporter for her coffee, and how long of a delay to expect between their cheque cashing... and hers arriving.

Sawa Sawa remains a unique and incredible coffee. We remain serious about making sure the Kimani family gets what they deserve for their hard work. That’s what relationship coffee means to us.

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