Coffee Mexico Santa Cruz

orange teacake, maple, sparkling

Location la concordia
Price / Bag Regular price $23.00

Jose Arguello is a third generation coffee farmer who bought Finca Santa Cruz 8 years ago to run as a family business. With the knowledge passed down from their father, Jose and his sister, Karina, run the operations of their farm and wet mill high in the mountains of the La Concordia municipality. Finca Santa Cruz has 250 hectares and while 95 of those are dedicated to coffee production, the remaining area belongs to the protected native forest of the Reserva de la Biosfera Triunfo Verde. 

Obsessive about the fermentation times of their Bourbon and Typica varieties, Jose and Karina cup over 200 samples to determine when to stop fermenting and when to begin drying. Their meticulous processing lends sparkling red grapefruit acidity to a cup redolent with orange tea cake, maple, ginger and a creamy, structured body. 

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