Coffee Rwanda Muhororo

The dancers dressed in soft Turkish fig velvetine, but moved with with clean snap of Fuji apple, while the choreographer bowed, and scooped floral bouquets off the stage floor.

Location Nyamasheke
Elevation 1650-1750 meters
Variety Bourbon
Price / 12oz. Regular price $20.50

As far as we know, Four Barrel was the first fancy roaster to bring Muhororo’s coffee to the United States--at least under its own name. That was last winter, when we included it as one third of Friendo Blendo.

Now, about a year later, Muhororo gets its first chance in the spotlight. After all, Diana Ross was once just one of the Supremes. Beyonce was once just one of Destiny’s Children. Childs? Anyway, we think America is ready for this up-and-coming coffee washing station in our favorite Rwandan region.

Nyamasheke sits bordered by Lake Kivu and the Nyungwe Forest. If you’re an expert in Central African anthropology (we aren’t), you probably already know about Lake Kivu. It’s Part of the Rwanda-Congo border, and the Kivu Basin hosts about two million people--fishing, leading tours, transporting, trading, and otherwise making their ways thanks to one of Africa’s Great Lakes.

To the south, there’s the Nyungwe, a well-protected mountain rainforest hosting 120 species of butterflies. If you’re an expert in environmental conservation in Africa (we aren’t), you might already know about the Nyungwe Forest National Park. Maybe you’ve even hiked through it (we haven’t).

And if you care about coffee (we do), you might already know how important it is that Muhororo’s two owners use a water-saving eco-pulper at their washing station, then allow their cherry to dry for a leisurely 15-20 days on raised beds. This creamy and honey-like coffee is perfectly situated--geographically and professionally--to jump to the front in 2019 (see you there).

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