Never believing that the wait for an impeccably crafted cappuccino should be twenty minutes, jeremy took his many years of experience and designed a coffee bar that is every barista’s dream. While our baristas are tickled with the model of efficiency behind the bar that allows them to focus on quality and speed, what began happening on the other side of the counter is really the remarkable quality of the fourbarrel cafe: the interactions between people. Without wi-fi and plugs for laptops, we noticed our customers getting their drinks in porcelain cups and talking to each other. Sharing tables. Hanging out. Singing along with Jeremy to the black sabbath soundtrack on a sunday morning. Even though we’ve all seen the ways that coffeeshops can create community and anchor a neighborhood, what happens on a daily basis at the fourbarrel cafe is different, somehow. Perhaps it’s that you’re as likely to hear a geeky conversation about coffee grinders as a dramatic recounting of last night’s scandalous activities. Maybe it’s the self portraits on the wall of our bearded barista, brett, in his underwear and a coffee filter mask. Maybe it’s the kids running around, the bacon maple donut on your plate. We can’t put our fingers on it. Is it that everyone is happy? Relaxed? Stimulated by incredible coffee? on the verge of getting it on? The Fourbarrel cafe is groundbreaking in its design. You can get a pour-over or single origin espresso of any coffee on the menu. Your cappuccino will be perfect and in your hand in no time. And if you’re lucky, you might get it on.