We are old-fashioned about roasting. We rely on highly trained people, not machines, to see through the intention of our roasting style: to highlight the intrinsic qualities of a coffee that drove us to buy it in the first place: cleanness, sweetness, acidity, complexity. We roast on a hulking beast of a vintage german roaster—one that was made to hold consistent heat and let air flow through in simple ways controlled by a person. Our roasters have spent years perfecting the art of using their experience, senses, intuition and knowledge to make adjustments and take the coffee where it needs to go. Modern technology is simply no match. This is the “artisan” part of what we do and we hold our roasters’ dedication to the constantly changing variable of coffee in high regard. Our roasters learn about their roasts only by cupping and making the connection between the decisions that they made during the roasting process and tasting the results on the cupping table. This kind of direct contact with the coffee throughout the roasting and evaluating process connects us to the coffees that we buy in a very personal way. It takes patience, dedication, understanding and willingness to interact with coffee in this way everyday. We taste the fruits of their labor every morning in our double americanos and our cups of kenya miroroma pour-over and challenge anyone who scoffs at the notion that the art of roasting is anything less than the work of a lifetime.