4B Colombia Recolectores

tasting notes:  raspberry, white flowers, caramel

In order to address the challenges of a seasonal and underpaid work force, who is usually paid outside of the confines of labor laws, Azahar Coffee, the exporter we work with in both Colombia and Mexico, created the Picker's Project or Proyecto Recolectores. With the goals of providing more reliable, sustainable jobs that function within legal labor practices, Azahar launched the Picker's Project in the Narino region of Colombia in 2017. Here, several years later, we see Proyecto Recolectores thriving with well paid, organized farm workers with secure, legal employment. These practices that care for the workers care for the coffee, as well: ongoing training results in perfectly ripe cherries and a clean, floral cup full of raspberry, white flower florality and caramel sweetness.

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