Coffee Ethiopia Yukro

Key lime and jasmine fragrances introduce a floral, creamy cup. Viscous layers of acidity balance black tea and fresh cream.

Location Agaro
Price / Bag Regular price $22.50

The Yukro cooperative was originally formed in 1977 in the Agaro region of Western Ethiopia. Technoserve implemented a washing station here, along with some of our long standing cooperative relationships–Biftu Gudina and Hunda Oli–and Agaro became a region infamous for its gorgeous, clean and floral washed coffee. Yukro is now part of the Keta Meduga Union, an umbrella organization for what have become Western Ethiopia’s highest quality cooperatives that we’ve had the honor of working with for more than a decade. 

We haven’t had Yukro on our menu for eight long years, years that have found us longing for and dreaming of the florality and the grace that we remembered so well. Thanks to our friend, Tom, from Coffee Shrub, the Yukro is back and we’re picking up right where we left off with the creamy key lime pie and the jasmine florality.