Coffee El Salvador el Conacaste *gesha*

Piero Rusconi plants his gesha alongside his pine trees, ensuring that this variety from Ethiopia via Latin American expresses honey, sweet limes, cantaloupe, rose petals, sweet cream, and lavender.

Location Metapán
Elevation 1600-1700 meters
Variety gesha
Price / Bag Regular price $40.00

Piero Rusconi is a lawyer by trade and a pine tree and coffee farmer by passion. His family's bucolic piece of land is lovingly referred to as "Conacaste" and is high in the Metapan mountains of El Salvador, kept lush by natural springs. Although Piero has grown pine trees on his land for many years, he recently consulted his old friend, coffee expert and Four Barrel employee, Alejandro Valiente, about planting coffee trees beneath his pines. Piero and Alejandro discussed varieties and processing and made a plan that Piero put into action. Piero focused on gesha and pacamara varieties for his farm and his research took him to Panama to find the most unique and successful lines of gesha. He brought them back to El Salvador and after several years of careful tending and advice from the watchful eye of Alejandro, this is the second geisha harvest from Piero's farm. These 600 pounds of gesha are bursting with lychee and white flowers and they offer a peek into the potential of what lies ahead for us in the next few harvests at Conacaste.