Coffee Honduras Esteban Madrid

Esteban Madrdid’s father, Constantino, left the city in 1930 and came to the village called Sauce, high in the Santa Barbara mountains. Half hectare by half hectare, he began to sow Bourbon coffee until his three hectares were producing coffee that some years, he was only able to harvest 50% of because of labor shortages and bad weather. Constantino persisted and taught his son, Esteban, who now cares for six hectares of Bourbon plants with help from his sons Franklin, Esteban Jr. and Claudio. Their coffee is carefully tended and washed before being sent to Benjamin Paz’s mill, San Vincente, for processing and export. Again and again, we’ve been impressed with the meticulous processing and the resulting crystal clear, gorgeous coffees that the Paz family is exporting from Honduras. Their many generations of experience combined with the three generations of the Madrid’s family’s legacy, result in a coffee that is velvety and rich with fig, chocolate, concord grape and marzipan. 

Location Santa Barbara
Elevation 1550 meters
Variety Bourbon
Price / Bag Regular price $21.00