Coffee Decaf Colombia el Tablón

This delicious treasure traveled from Nariño to Oakland for tasting, then to Canada for Swiss Water Processing,

Location Nariño
Elevation 1800-2200 meters
Variety Caturra
Price / Bag Regular price $22.00

How many seasons are there in a year, really?

We can say that the first day of winter is December 21. Or maybe we're in India, and Hemanta is ending mid-January, so Shishira (the sixth season) can start. The coffee blossoms don't care what we call it.

We have to keep that fact in the mind when we plan our year's menu. We can't just pencil such-and-such poundage to arrive at 3pm on an exact date; nature doesn't work that way. Nevertheless, because we like to buy all our coffee directly, we're always trying to think six months ahead. That's why Colombian coffee is so important to us.

For one thing, Colombia has an incredible fly crop--that's the mini-harvest that happens the opposite time of year from the main harvest. For another thing, Colombia's main harvest--the one we're celebrating right now--stretches through several months. Finally, there's the fact that this particular coffee's region, Nariño, is somewhat insulated from weather oddities, thanks to its elevation, geography, and near-continuous rainfall.

Add it all up, and you'll understand why we're so grateful for Colombia el Tablón. It's like the guest you can count on to arrive at the party right on time, well-dressed and bearing a gift for the host... whether it's New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day.