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Coffee El Salvador Anarquia ML

Although, at the time, it seemed like a small, delightful choice to plant his favorite variety around his favorite cabin on his favorite mountain in Metapan, these are the pacamara plants responsible for many wonderful things: opening our minds to the possibility and potential of pacamara in this region of El Salvador more than a decade ago and inspiring many farmers nearby to plant pacamara on their own land.

Location Metapán
Elevation 1600-1700 meters
Variety Pacamara
Price / Bag Regular price $23.00

Every year, Alejandro Valiente’s Anarquia Pacamara shines with intricate layered acidity and sweetness and we count our blessings that we get to buy it, roast it, drink it and share it. This year, lilac, lemon, papaya and tropical notes abound and, actually, the blessings are infinite.