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Coffee Ethiopia Banko Gotiti

Banko Gotiti is a privately run wet mill in the Gedeb District of Ethiopia, so near Yirga Cheffe that coffees from this area are often traded as such. The 650 farmers who sell their coffee to the wet mill tend to small plots of land near their homes at high elevations ranging from 2000-2300 meters, which often makes for dense, sweet coffees with beautiful acidity. There is high competition for ripe cherries, so farmers are paid well and the picking is pristine. This, like all of our coffees, is fully washed and sun dried after 36 to 48 hours of fermentation, resulting in a sparkling cup with mango juice, raspberry and cane sugar.

Location sidama
Elevation 1900-2300 meters
Variety Heirloom
Price / Bag Regular price $21.50