4B ethiopia gogogu

tasting notes: melon, citrus, peach, pomelo notes, hibiscus

location: uraga, guji
elevation: 2100-2300 meters
variety: heirloom types

Hundreds of small-holder farmers from the Wate Gogogu village deliver their coffees grown on less than a hectare at astonishingly high elevations to the privately owned Gogogu Bekaka washing station, near Yirga Cheffe. Thanks to the loosening of restrictions around who can export coffee in Ethiopia, this is a fully traceable, unique lot that just a few years ago, would have been blended into a "Shakiso Grade 1" or a "Guji Grade 1" through the ECX.

The high altitude of this coffee encourages slow maturation, density, sweetness and acidity. Melon and citrus dry aromas become sparkling peach and pomelo in the cup, tethered with hibiscus acidity and sweet spices.

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