Coffee Ethiopia Refisa

Dried apricot, passionfruit, hops and candied fruit anchor the silky, structured body.

Location sidamo
Elevation 1800 meters
Price / Bag Regular price $22.50


The 600 farmers who deliver their heirloom cherries to the Refisa washing station cultivate small plots of land alongside the Harenna forest of Mount Batu in Ethiopia’s central highlands.

This is the Sidamo region, for those fans of Bulga and Qorema, where the coffee grows above 1800 meters, the fences are woven, the scarves are epic, and a stop in Shashamene might lose you for a few weeks. The cherries are washed and fermented for up to 48 hours and dried on raised beds–the careful processing at Refisa coaxes dried apricot, passionfruit, hops, and candied fruit from a silky, structured cup.