Coffee Ethiopia Tome
Guji is the far South of Ethiopia: first you fly south to Awassa
Location guji
Elevation 1950-2200 meters
Variety Heirloom
Price / Bag Regular price $21.50

and then drive ten more hours south on rough roads. if you are lucky,
you spend the night on the shores of lake Awassa and you wake early to
watch the fishermen head out on the still water in the dusky pink of
dawn. if you are not lucky, you drive many hours in the wrong
direction when you think you are driving to guji, only to find that
you are dead wrong.

If you are our friend, Thompson Owen, you've been traveling to Guji
for many years now and you know where to find the best coffees. You
take cool pictures while laying across drying beds and you befriend
the local dogs. You probably never get lost or sick. You never miss a
flight or have a driver who cannot manage to back the truck out of the
airport parking lot. And when you come back from guji, you share your
coffees with your friends.

Lucky for us, on this particular trip, Tom found the Tome washing
station. They collect cherry from the nearby highland towns or
"kebeles" of Tome, Tobitu, Gomero and Koba between 1950 and 2200
meters above sea level. The coffees are blended and graded and
together, they express watermelon agua fresca and remarkable
herbaceousness: thyme, heather and chamomile elevated by cane sugar