Coffee Guatemala Los Yuc

The Yuc family (rhymes with duke) harvests Caturra & Bourbon cherry in the heights of Antigua, producing a sweet & sparkling lemon candy of a coffee that is best described as: very, very, pretty.

Location Antigua
Elevation 1500-1800 meters
Variety Bourbon Caturra
Price / 12oz. Regular price $21.00

The Yuc (pronounced "Yook") family farms sit scattered around the Volcan de Agua. They're just up the mountain from Bella Vista, Luis Pedro Zelaya's mill and exporting station. He's the one who first introduced us, a few years ago. He's also the one who was driving a souped-up golf cart/ATV when we visited them this spring.

Imagine driving up the side of a lush volcano. You look up, you see a volcano, and you drive toward its peak. You keep going higher, toward the end of the road.

That's when you hear someone yelling hello, so you pull over. And you start an afternoon hang out session at Marco Tulio Yuc's farm. Actually it feels more like a big, beautiful family garden than a professional coffee plantation. You like avocados? Marco Tulio is already up in the tallest wild avocado tree you've ever seen. He's just tossing down one-pound avocados to you.

Once you've had your fill, follow Marco Tulio on a little tour of his rows of beautiful Bourbon and Caturra shrubs. It's rare to see such healthy Bourbon at this elevation, but Marco Tulio doesn't really want to talk about that. Mostly, he's just happy to hang our with his long-distance business partners who came all the way here to visit him...near the peak of a volcano, at the end of the road.