Coffee Guatemala Villatoro

We bought this coffee from our friends at Sweet Maria’s, who, like us, have been coffees from the Huehuetenango highlands for many, many years. Tom from Sweet Maria’s says: 

Location Huehuetenango
Elevation 1800 meters
Variety Bourbon
Price / Bag Regular price $21.00

This coffee is made up of two lots of coffee from the Villatoro family, a group we buy coffee from in the Huehuetenango highlands (Peña Blanca to be exact!). A good portion of this lot came from Rosalio and Rosiela, the elder Villatoro's of the clan. They have a couple of plots in Peña Blanca town, La Libertad. The wet mill is shared by the family and sits at 1750 meters above sea level, the farms stretching up another 100 meters. They pull water from springs above, but are working to capture clean water from the river that runs below the farm and is punctuated by a 50 foot waterfall about 100 meters from the farm! This coffee comes to us through a joint-effort of a local micro-mill owner who is able to process and separate the micro-lots we approve, and a highly sophisticated dry-mill who handles the finishing touches and exports the coffees for us. 

On our cupping table, we found the Villatoro dense and clean with a heavy mouth feel, chocolate, plum, and sweet cream. Villatoro is one of the tiny lots we are bringing in as gems when we find them--it will go fast.