Coffee Honduras Adolfo Reyes ESPRESSO ROAST*

Lake Yojoa is at the center of four coffee-producing neighborhoods in Honduras: Las Flores, El Cielito, El Cedral, and La Leona. These communities sit on the lake region’s outskirts, in the high-elevation spots surrounding the crater that cradles Yojoa. Adolfo Reyes grows coffee near Yojoa and Benjamin Paz processes and exports Adolfo's coffee from the mill that's been in his family for many generations: San Vincente.

Location Santa Barbara
Elevation 1450-1700 meters
Variety Catuai Pacas
Price / Bag Regular price $21.00

Again and and again, we've been impressed with the meticulous processing and the resulting crystal clear, gorgeous coffees that the Paz family is exporting from Honduras and we will continue to count ourselves as blessed as long as they keep landing on our cupping table. Adolfo's coffee is dense and rich with clean fruit and a solid structure, a syrupy finish. As soon as we can get on an airplane again, Lake Yojoa is at the top of our list, and a cold Salva Vida with Adolfo and Benjamin on its shore.