Coffee Kenya Githiru

Expressing a unique penchant for big, sweet, & syrupy Kenya coffees, these SL28 & SL34 beans from this Nyeri co-op display pineapple syrup & molasses notes.

Location Nyeri
Elevation 1350 to 1900 meters
Variety SL28 & SL34
Price / 12oz. Regular price $22.00

We would never throw shade. We’re just not that type. We weren’t even that type back in the early 1980s, when we used to hang out with Basquiat, Madonna, and Keith Haring at the Limelight. And rest assured, there was plenty of shade being thrown around that crew.

No matter what, we tried to be cool with our criticism… really, we didn’t even criticize anyone. We just gave… suggestions.

Three decades later, we had a suggestion for the Githiru crew. It was just an idea: Maybe, we suggested, since your drying spot is in a kind of hot and dry valley, you might consider ditching Kenyan tradition for another coffee cherry drying style. Across the border in Ethiopia, for instance, our partners often employ raised and covered skin-drying tables.

As we explained, those tables might solve an issue that had been bothering us: Their coffee dried so quickly that the parchment cracked and became brittle, thus unable to protect the bean itself. Here’s what really knocked us out about Githiru. They immediately and totally understood us, and were ready to give it a go.

That kind of buy-in from a big and successful co-op (Githiru includes something like 800 small-scale members) is pretty rare in this very traditional world. And we’re stoked to taste the first batch of coffee dried on their new raised beds, situated under canvas canopies, throwing shade.