4B Kenya Gura

variety: SL 34, SL 28
elevation: 1700- 1750 MASL
location: Nyeri
tasting notes: silky vetiver, brown sugar, cedar and pineapple

We've been buying from and visiting Gura for many years now; the last time was particularly memorable with Sully (8) right before the lockdown in 2020 when Phyllis, from KCCE (Gura's exporting partner) was kind enough to drive us all over the stunning landscapes of Nyeri.
Sully looked on in awe as a group of women in brilliant dresses unloaded a very full truck of green coffee that had just arrived to Othaya, the umbrella organization where Gura's coffees are dry-milled for export. There was a light, misty rain as Sully and I tasted coffees and wondered if we'd be able to find a flight home, or if we'd be spending a longer amount of time with our dear friend Phyllis, in Nairobi. 

We made it home, just a week late and through a circuitous route, but four years later, that rainy visit to Gura and Othaya stays with me--the red earth, the thick vetiver, the bright dresses, the curious eight year old. And tasting this year's Gura transports me there too: silky vetiver, brown sugar, cedar and pineapple.
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