Coffee Kenya Gura

While the rest of us spent the summer skateboarding behind the 7-11, Gura visited an Australian vetiver farm, drank some tropical IPA with locals, and slept in silk sheets of cedar beds.

Location 1700-1750 meters Nyeri
Variety SL28 SL34
Price / 12oz. Regular price $22.00

Herbal, integrated, silky. We say these things with a straight face.

We also write them in out little notebooks. In the case of this coffee, there's a fourth word we wrote, right under "herbal": vetiver.

Vetiver isn't a very common descriptor, at least not for coffee, at least not for us. And yet...

Part of the mystery is that Gura is so normal, at least in terms of upper-echelon Kenyan coffee. It's one of the more recent additions to the Othaya Farmers' Cooperative Society, which serves several smaller co-ops the size of Gura (including Kamoini, another Four Barrel favorite). The location (Nyeri), the elevation (high), and the varieties (SL28 and SL34) are all exactly what one would expect of a great Kenyan coffee-grower.

So why the vetiver? Why the integrated, silky, herbal, vetiver?

Since then, we've visited a couple of times, and we have a couple of ideas--nothing particularly conclusive or worth sharing yet. This coffee, on the other hand...It's definitely worth sharing, in all its mystery.