Coffee Kenya Kabiruini

Ripe strawberry & rhubarb pie notes sparkle in an unbelievably clean batch of SL28 & SL34 cultivars from this award-winning Nyeri co-op.

Location Nyeri
Elevation 1700 meters
Variety SL28 & SL34
Price / 12oz. Regular price $22.00

Can you believe season 32 of The Real World is filming in Seattle, but doesn’t include a single barista?

Because here’s the way things actually work in the real world. In the real world, the family-owned farms of the Kabiruini co-op in Nyeri grow about 250 plants each--not a lot. Sometimes your friend the security guard gets shot and killed, and about 400 pounds of your harvest gets stolen a couple weeks before Christmas.

In the real world, sometimes you win a big “Taste of Africa” competition, but no one really hears about it, so you just keep chugging along, drying coffee on the same old beds you’ve used for years. Maybe because you don’t have a full-time Social Media Expert or whatever.

In the real world, you hear rumors that such-and-such exporter is offering higher prices, so you go work with that guy, but then it turns out those rumors weren’t true after all, and you’re stuck with a shady exporter.

On the other hand, the real world is also where incredible volcanic loam soil makes for some of the most luscious coffee-growing conditions on earth. The real world is where the Hombe springs provide scrumptious fresh water for pristine washing and preparation of prime SL28 and SL34 varieties.

So the real world is where we were happy to be standing when we visited these people a couple months ago, looking down at this award-winning coffee on the drying beds. For real.