Coffee Nicaragua Anibal

Knock Knock. Who's There? Orange! Orange who? Orange you glad marmalade and cane sugar feature in this well-structured coffee?!

Location Nubarrones-Jalapa
Elevation 1500-1650 meters
Variety Caturra
Price / 12oz. Regular price $21.00

It's a rough road to get to Don Anibal's farm in Nubarrones. In fact, maybe we should put that in quotes: "road".

To be clear, it's nicer than any road we've ever built. And it sure beats the winding mountain-side path it replaced. (When he started growing up here, Don Anibal just used pack mules for everything.) Nonetheless, when it rained non-stop during our last visit, we figured our plans to visit his farm were as good as washed away.

We gave it a shot anyway. We didn't expect Anibal's big old truck to be broken down halfway up the mountain, cutting off half of the one-lane mud-pit road. While half the Anibal family worked on the truck in the rain, we somehow made our way around it, and up to the farm.

The other half of the Anibal family were there to greet us, taking a break from tweaking their new motorized corn mill. There's always something happening at Anibal's place. Whether they're fixing an old truck, sowing a new crop, playing a very energetic game of stickball, or building a new road...the Anibals keep things exciting up above the clouds.