Coffee Nicaragua el Puma

While on their tropical vacation, the learn’d astronomers built solar system mobiles using mangos and papayas for planets.

Elevation 1300-1600 meters
Variety 100% washed coffees Maracaturra
Price / 12oz. Regular price $22.00

Some of the coffees in El Puma are not from El Puma. They’re from nearby North-Central Nicaraguan farms, along the three-hour drive between Jinotega and Nueva Segovia. We had to collect and select from a few different farms to compile this one tiny lot.

Why? Take a second look at the list of Arabica varieties in this lot. They’re primarily big bean varieties, like Maragogype and Maracaturra. And the fact is, big beans mean little lots. 

In Nicaragua, we sometimes discover these big bean varieties growing off to the side of a grower’s main crop--more of a personal hobby than a primary commercial crop. In past years we’ve released tiny little lots called “Smalls,” and made them available for short windows or at limited locations. This year, we’re trying to share these coffees with as many folks as possible. Thus: We’ve combined the tiny lots of big beans from five farmers into one medium-sized lot, called El Puma.

El Puma is in fact a major contributor to this lot. It’s among the more eco-forward farms in the country, and we’re honored to bring this farm on board with this special lot. We also have some big beans plucked from the personal farms of our old friends at Lovo and La Ventaja. But we had to call it something. And these varieties are to Arabica what pumas are to cats: big and magic.