Coffee Rwanda Gitega Hills

Red Bourbon cherry from the edge of Nyungwe Forest receive intense wet-milling and hand sorting to produce this bright, floral, & delicate cup.

Location Nyamagabe
Elevation 1700 meters
Variety Red Bourbon
Price / 12oz. Regular price $19.50

When "every day" is spelled as one word--"everyday"--it means "ordinary." That's what Gitega Hills coffee used to be: ordinary.

"Ordinary Coffee" is one of the many coffee biz synonyms for "Commodity Coffee." They're all just ways of saying, "Not Specialty."

We have nothing against Ordinary Coffee. When it's farmed responsibly, and when communities can sell enough of it to keep themselves afloat, Ordinary Coffee is a valid piece of the puzzle that is international agriculture. That said, it often isn't, and it's not what we're into.

Gitega Hills had been a moderately successful source of non-washed Ordinary Coffee for a few years... until an ambitious local fellow named Bernard Uwitije decided to try something out of the ordinary in 2015. He looked (and tasted) around, and realized that he and his neighbors were growing coffee with a potential beyond the everyday.

Bernard instigated a massive overhaul, so that Gitega Hills coffee could receive all the post-picking pampering it deserved: a fancy de-pulper, fermentation tanks, and raised drying beds. Besides the many people employed to hand-sort coffee cherry on those raised beds, over 160 farming families no enjoy the economic boons that Specialty Coffee brings.

Just to clarify: This coffee may be special, but we still drink it a lot--nearly every day.