Coffee Rwanda Musabiymana

Justin Musabiymana and his Gihombo neighbors contribute bourbon to this varietal coffee, processed at his revitalized mill, resulting in wild fig flavors and an apple blossom fragrance.

Location Gihombo - Western Rwanda
Elevation 1800 meters
Variety Bourbon
Price / 12oz. Regular price $19.50

The same questions show up in the SAT essay section every fall. Like this one: “Which is a greater force on the course of history: the Great Man/Woman, or Society?”

Case in point for the solo actor: Justin Musabiymana. He’s one of those soft-spoken sweethearts who somehow seems to get everything done. For instance, it only took him a few years to reinvigorate the run-down Ruvumbu washing station. Once he achieved that, it only took him a couple more years to buy out the mill’s previous owners.

Argument for Society: He didn’t do this alone--far from it. Over 400 families contribute coffee to Justin’s washing station. Justin also relies on a few of his top co-workers to travel throughout the district, offer agronomy advice, and keep their eyes open for harvest issues.

Justin also had help from the Rwanda Trading Company, an ethically-centered resource for all things coffee. They’re the ones who loaned Justin the money to upgrade his equipment and pay his coworkers. They also help him (and us) get the processed coffee out of Rwanda, across the Rwandan border, and onto ships from Dar es Salaam.

In your essay, you should present a clear and logical analysis, and use language precisely. While considering your topic, you may wish to enjoy an appropriate cup of coffee.