Coffee Rwanda Musabiymana

Strawberry picking in dreams suggests fulfillment of desire, and the appearance of giant raspberries indicates matters of the heart, whereas dreams of figs hint at fertility, so be safe.

Location Gihombo - Western Rwanda
Elevation 1800 meters
Variety Bourbon
Price / 12oz. Regular price $20.50

This is just our fourth year bringing Justin Musabiymana’s coffee to North America, and we’ve already seen incredible changes in his Gihombo District neighborhood. As for the coffee, that’s been solid all along--ever since Justin moved back home and reinvigorated the region’s old washing station.

 When Justin signed the lease on the station, it looked to be in a forlorn and shuttered state. Beneath the dust, however, Justin saw that it didn’t need too much help; the Abaryoshyakawa co-op (with some USAID help) had built it just a decade earlier.

 But Justin wanted to go beyond merely dusting, tinkering, and re-opening. He had been traveling, and he had seen how quickly the returns on specialty coffee had improved the lives of entire villages. This project, he decided, had surpass the region’s old reputation. He needed to produce something so far beyond--so special--that his success would be an example for all Gihombo.

 So far, so good. In fact, so far, so much, much, better than good. And there’s now a bit of a road--almost like a highway--that now runs awfully close to his mill. That’s great news for the far-flung farmers who contribute to Justin’s lots, as the positive reach of his vision and dedication spreads in ever-widening concentric circles. Not a bad few years for Mr. Justin Musabiymana. It’s an honor to roast his coffee, and drink to his success.