Coffee Rwanda Tumba

Venustre Mugraneza handles bourbon de-pulping at his unique 2,000-meter-high Northern province mill, producing tannic hints of red fruit and white peaches.

Location Rulindo - Northern Province
Elevation 1900 to 2200 meters
Variety Bourbon
Price / 12oz. Regular price $19.50

This is the only coffee we offer from northern Rwanda, a region of mountains, valleys, tea plantations and passion fruit shrubs... and an exceptional fellow named Venustre.

In our search for coffee, we met Venustre Mugraneza. He was working the gears to mechanically adjust his mill’s de-pulper. We felt a real kinship with Venustre right off the bat, because that’s the way we do things at our Bay Area roastery. Even if we could afford to hire someone else to tinker with our hulking old German roasters, we’d rather get in there and tweak them ourselves.

Finding an owner who is so literally hands-on with his machinery isn’t any easier in Rwanda than it would be in California. So when we find an owner like that, we keep in touch.

As closely involved as he likes to be, there’s not much Venustre can do once those burlap sacks of green coffee leave Rulindo. Fortunately, after it arrives in Kigali, the Tumba green gets milled in a two-part system: first with an electronic sorter, and then by hand.

Venustre got it to Kigali; the Rwanda Trading Company got it processed, bagged, and out on the water; now it’s our job to get it to you.