Coffee Colombia el Tablón

About three dozen small-holding farmers bring Caturra to this buying station in the rugged Nariño highlands.

Location Nariño
Elevation 1800-2200 meters
Variety Caturra
Price / 12oz. Regular price $20.50

Hey, we’re not scientists, but we do know this: Seventy is about twice as much as 35. The big number is the annual inches of rainfall in the mountains of eastern Nariño. The small number is the annual rainfall in Seattle, Washington.

We’re no meteorologists, but there’s also the temperature to consider. Thanks to trade winds curling through Nariño’s valleys, it’s pretty mild--as in, highs of 79, lows of 61 mild. Combine this with equatorial sunlight and volcanic soil, and you’ve got the potential for some very yummy high-elevation Arabica.

We’re not exactly botanists, but we have some guesses why this high-elevation coffee is so special. The longer and harder the shrub has to work at producing fruit, the more time the fruit has to develop its sugars. In this case, that leads to sweet coffee cherry.

Those sweet cherries can only be harvested individually, by hand. The three dozen El Tablón farmers in this lot each own less than five acres of land, and their painstaking picking results in excellent pre-sorting.

We aren’t exactly international drug policy wonks, but we have a feeling that our best chance at displacing “illicit agriculture” is to reward independent small-scale farmers for growing excellent coffee.

We may not be coffee nerds, but we think this coffee is indeed excellent--oh wait, actually, we are coffee nerds.