Coffee Guatemala Santa Cruz

For years, Maria Regina Ponce de Leal's rambling farm has produced Bourbon coffees that embody Antiguan greatness, displaying watermelon, honeydew, & marmalade highlights behind exquisite florality.

Location Antigua
Elevation 1500-1750 meters
Variety Bourbon
Price / 12oz. Regular price $21.00

"Let's get this on the water." That's what we say about coffees like this when we're cupping down in Antigua.

Cupping in Antigua has its advantages. First of all: When we taste something we like in an Antiguan cupping lab, chances are that the farm is just a quick drive away. Additionally, a strict regimen of tostadas and avocado keeps the belly and palate equally prepared for days of tasting. Finally, there's the fact that we love being there.

There's lovely architecture, excellent food, generous people, and, of course, plenty of great coffee. Which brings us back to the business of cupping.

We've all become so calibrated over the last few years that we can divide and conquer the Antiguan cupping table. That means that if Sarah Jane tastes 80 coffees, she can separate her dozen favorites for the rest of us to taste. And if Jodi tastes 80 coffees, she can eliminate 60 or so before the rest of us have to taste them. And so on.

The end result is that we really do get to taste several hundred coffees over the course of a couple days. Most of those coffees are day'lots from farms we already know and love, such as Santa Cruz. From there, it's just a quick drive away from getting these coffees "on the water."