4B honduras yojoa

tasting notes: heavy, syrupy sweet currant, raspberry, red grape, chocolate truffle sweetness

location: santa barbara
elevation : 1450-1700
variety : pacas, catuai, yellow catuai 

Lake Yojoa (“yo-HO-ah”) is one of earth’s beautiful places. And Benjamin Paz is one of the coffee world’s top notch producers/exporters.  

Lake Yojoa is at the center of four coffee-producing neighborhoods in the mountains of Honduras: Las Flores, El Cielito, El Cedral, and La Leona. These communities sit on the lake region’s outskirts, in the high-elevation spots surrounding the crater that cradles Yojoa.

Alejandro Guzman, Adolfo Reyes, Richard Javier Fernandez, Ovidio Gomez, Elica Blandin and Esdras Guevara grow their coffee here and deliver their perfectly ripe cherries to San Vincente, the mill run by Benjamin Paz’s family, for many generations. The processing here is meticulous, and like all of the coffees we love from San Vicente, these blended micro-lots express clean, sweet currant, raspberry and red grape flavors, buoyed by a heavy, syrupy body and chocolate truffle sweetness.

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